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Dealertrack, Inc.
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Dealertrack, Inc.
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Dealertrack, a division of Cox Automotive, Inc., is the leading provider of digital solutions to the automotive retail industry. They help dealerships make better business decisions and provide them with a crossproduct view of each customer. Dealertrack recently opened its new 230,000 squarefoot headquarters in the village of North Hills, Long Island. It houses nearly 600 employees, with the capacity to accommodate more as the company grows. The 10-acre campus includes more than 20 meeting spaces, a café, cardio room, yoga studio, indoor and outdoor dining areas, game rooms, an indoor basketball and volleyball court, and more. For Dealertrack, it was imperative to provide their employees with a technology-forward environment that would enable them to be as productive and collaborative as possible.

The challenge

Employees were experiencing conference room nightmares, having to manually configure the technology before the start of every meeting, wasting valuable time. So, for their new home, Dealertrack wanted to find reliable solutions that could eliminate these presentation and collaboration challenges, as well as make their room scheduling and room usage more efficient.

The solution

Before moving into their new home, Dealertrack worked with Chen Vanunu and Lou Ciccone, Partners at AV Innovative Design Inc, to create the perfect solution to alleviate these concerns.

“I knew this project required a solution that was cutting edge, reliable, and easy-to-use,” says Ciccone. “Which is exactly why we decided to move forward with Crestron.”

Inside the meeting rooms, Vanunu designed and deployed solutions based on Crestron DigitalMedia™ video distribution technology and AirMedia® wireless presentation technology. This enables employees to enter the room, instantly connect their laptops or smart devices, and begin presenting. Additionally, Crestron Avia™ DSPs were implemented to deliver optimal audio quality in every room. Now, with a consistent user experience, employees no longer have towaste time figuring out how to get the technology to work at the start of every meeting.

To address the room scheduling challenges, AV Innovative Design deployed the advanced Crestron room scheduling platform, which provides everything needed to make everyone more efficient, connected, and collaborative across all meeting spaces. Crestron scheduling software directly connects to Dealertrack’s calendaring platform so people can reserve rooms from their desk, on the app, or on the spot via the scheduling touch screens installed just outside each room or on the conference table.

Beyond the meeting rooms, DigitalMedia technology is being used throughout campus to distribute high-resolution video to training rooms, the gym, auditorium, and other public spaces.


Thanks to Crestron and AV Innovative Design Inc, Dealertrack is benefitting from powerful new room scheduling capabilities, plus enhanced presentation and collaboration tools with a simple, consistent user experience across every meeting room and space. Now, productivity and collaboration on the fast track.

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