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Hollywood Theater at Portland International Airport

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Hollywood Theater at Portland International Airport
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Planar Displays Featured in Unique Airport Cinema

Prolonged airport layovers and delays can be a great inconvenience to travelers, but luckily, more airports are making efforts to alleviate the tedium of long hours spent waiting around terminals by adding lifestyle and entertainment amenities. As an example, San Francisco International Airport offers a yoga studio. Fittingly, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has live music venues. Hong Kong International Airport even has a golf course.

In February of 2017, Portland International Airport joined this list with the opening of a microcinema—a free, 17-seat theater that shows short films from Pacific Northwest filmmakers. Developed by Portland's non-profit Hollywood Theatre in collaboration with the PDX Art program at the Port of Portland, the Hollywood Theatre at Portland International Airport is open to travelers around the clock.

To make the microcinema project possible, premiere manufacturers from the electronic industry donated projection equipment and audio visual technology. Among those companies are Planar, which donated two Planar® EP Series 4K LCD displays and a Planar® ContentSmart™ Media Player. The Planar EP Series displays are mounted at the entrance of the theater in the style of movie poster portraits, providing a preview of the films showing inside while also advertising features screening at the Hollywood Theatre's northeast Portland location. The Planar ContentSmart Media Player is used to both power the Planar EP Series displays and drive content on the movie theater screen.

The Planar EP Series displays offer best-in-class reliability, stunning image quality and come standard with commercial-grade features required for digital signage, control rooms and corporate environments. With four times the resolution of Full HD, the Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160) of Planar EP Series displays deliver life-like picture quality, an immersive experience and combine the visual benefits of 4K resolution with the commercial reliability required by demanding 24x7 commercial operations.

Featuring Full HD 1080p and Ultra HD resolution models as well as ContentSmart™ Software for easy-to-design and deploy digital signage, the Planar ContentSmart Media Player is a digital signage media player platform that offers a simple and easy way to design, schedule, deploy and manage digital signage displays, helping deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. Planar ContentSmart Media Players also offer 8GB of memory storage with internal day/time clock scheduling in a lightweight aluminum enclosure.

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