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The Panorama Awards

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The Panorama Awards
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Easy-To-Deploy Planar LED Video Wall Highlights Panorama Awards Gala

Biennially, the Panorama Awards are held in Madrid, Spain, recognizing excellence, technological development and innovation in the broadcast industry. Awards are given to businesses, professionals and productions across thirteen categories which include equipment and technological solutions, facilities and projects, as well as the technical execution of television and radio programs, film productions and advertising.

The Panorama Awards are organized and presented by Panorama Audiovisual, an online publication serving audiovisual professionals and providing Spanish language news covering the most innovative trends in the broadcast, film and new media industries.

The 2018 Panorama Awards were held on May 8th at the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid (IFEMA), with the ceremony located at the same space reserved for the catwalk during Madrid Fashion Week.

For the technical production of the 2018 awards show, Panorama Audiovisual turned to Power AV Rental Company, which implemented a staging solution featuring a 6 meter-long, 3.5 meter-high Planar CarbonLight™ CLI Series LED video wall in a 12x7 configuration with a 2.6mm pixel pitch (CLI2.6).

Fast and flexible

The Planar CarbonLight CLI Series is specifically designed to accommodate the fast-paced nature of staging and flexible-fixed installations like the Panorama Awards event and features an adaptable design suitable for hanging and free-standing installations. Engineered with thin, lightweight and high-strength carbon fiber casings, the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series is adaptable to a wide range of simple or complex applications. Quick construction is also possible using Planar CarbonLight bracketry.

"The lightness of Planar CarbonLight provides a significant advantage in terms of mounting speed and simplicity," said Santiago Gómez, head of the LED department with Power AV. "As a result, the time required for the assembly process is reduced, which lowers costs and makes us more competitive. If I had to choose three adjectives to define Planar CarbonLight it would be fast, light and simple."

Jorge Ortega, CEO of Power AV, said the Planar CarbonLight CLI Series offers great image quality and an optimal size-to-weight ratio.

"We are extremely satisfied with the product," Ortega said. "It is often the equipment we select for events, and in some cases, the client specifically asks for the product."

A successful event

More than 500 guests attended the Panorama Awards show, which featured endearing tributes, live music, and striking imagery displayed on the large, Planar CarbonLight CLI video wall.

"The excellent team of qualified and experienced professionals at Power AV always offer the most state-of-the-art AV equipment in the market," said Antonio Castillo, CEO of Panorama Audiovisual. "Planar met all expectations — the Planar CarbonLight video wall was the predominant element of the ceremony stage."

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