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Saint-Xavier University case study

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Saint-Xavier University case study
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Saint-Xavier University case study
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Successful effective group communication in videoconferencing

The University of Saint-Xavier in Chicago has nearly a hundred classes, and the quality of the discussions is essential to learning. The advent of hybrid classes represents a challenge to communication and equity between students in the classroom and remotely by videoconference.

For the university, the choice was obvious to go with multiple cameras and a mixer to ensure not only an excellent video image of the participants and facilitator in the classroom and remotely but also the fluidity of the conversation with camera changes depending on the active participants.

Saint-Xavier University standardized all classrooms on its campus (74 Installations (2021-2022) with the following equipment:


2x AVER Cam 520 PRO 2/USB 3.0

1x Dedicated room PC

1x Microphone


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