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Haas Showroom
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Best Showroom winner highlights the best of Crestron technology through experiential designs.

The Haas Showroom in downtown Austin, Texas, exudes tasteful elegance as it beautifully combines art and automation. The showroom doesn't just demonstrate how to coexist with technology; it elevates the concept by exhibiting how technology can enhance the quality of life with effective integrations.

The challenge

The Haas team was committed to delivering an exceptional space for the design-build community and prospective clients and recognized the need for an area where the benefits of technology could be easily showcased. However, this meant working extra hours and managing time constraints, as the project would need to be constructed while still balancing the needs of their existing client portfolio.

The solution

Collaborating with Saavedra Design Studio, Frost Visualizations, and Winn Wittman Architecture, Haas set out to build a showroom that demonstrates the use of different technologies in the most optimal spaces for homeowners. To achieve their vision, Haas selected Crestron as the central control system, providing the flexibility to integrate various systems seamlessly. Crestron technology allows the Haas team to effortlessly manage their lighting and music within the space, and automatically adjust to scenarios such as client appointments, showroom events, and lunch-and-learns. The showroom's various interfaces have also enabled them to offer guided tours with ease; visitors can now see firsthand how Crestron allows simple control of the entire space and better visualize the value the technology can provide in their own homes or businesses.

The technology

Haas meticulously curated a fusion of cutting-edge technology and elegant design with the adoption of the Crestron Control® system. The technology operates behind the scenes, allowing clients to be fully immersed in the space with zero distractions. Each section of the Haas showroom has its own scene – turning on the lights, opening the shades, and prompting the audio – creating a comfortable experience for each guest. The front lounge welcomes clients into the showroom, allowing them to become familiar with different smart home solutions through actions like opening and closing the shades or watching the hidden TVs and entertainment solutions come into view.

The theater’s in-wall candy and beverage shelf elevate the cinematic experience, and the atmosphere is enhanced with pendant lights that illuminate the theater and are synchronized with a Crestron remote to dim when play or pause are pressed. The kitchen and HiFi lounge are used for larger gatherings of people and demonstrate applications that clients can visualize in their homes. To demonstrate energy conservation, the Haas showroom features an indoor energy unit that can power the space in the event of an outage. The kitchen and lounge include a TV and speaker system harmoniously integrated into the Crestron ecosystem. A TV discreetly concealed behind kitchen cabinets adds an element of surprise and sophistication, seamlessly accessible through Crestron's intuitive interface.

The conference room serves as a hub for productive meetings with clients, architects, designers, and builders. Haas is able to go through design plans with clients or discuss team projects that are displayed on the impressive TV wall, all managed effortlessly through Crestron control. This remarkable integration allows Hass to collaborate effectively in a tasteful, tech-savvy environment.

The results

Haas' showroom stands out for its design-centric approach. The technology, while advanced, remains discreet, offering a comfortable and welcoming environment. Each vignette within the showroom presents a unique experience, from the cozy listening room to the elegant theater with pendant lights and custom controls. The showroom's versatility is further showcased in the kitchen and HiFi lounge, featuring cutting-edge technology and a focus on energy efficiency.

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