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VITEC's MGW Ace H.265 Portable Hardware Encoder

Series: MGW Ace HEVC Encoder

Model: MGW Ace

Part #: 14846

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Designed to support a diverse set of video streaming applications – MGW Ace features a wide range of inputs including HD-SDI, SDI, HDMI, DVI and Composite, user-intuitive web management software with full control of all H.265 compression settings. A secondary hardware based MPEG4-H.264 chip offers the ability to stream H.264 video in parallel to the network-efficient HEVC to support legacy systems. MGW Ace boasts an all-hardware compression chip for real time encoding with advanced audio and metadata handling – all packaged in a portable device with low power consumption. MGW Ace makes it possible to take next generation HEVC encoding from the server rooms into the field for professional and industrial applications with easy integration to transport cases, TV trucks, military vehicles and aircraft. Next-Generation HEVC / H.265 Streaming Reduces IPTV Bandwidth Costs-- Whether it's live news broadcasting from the field, Point-to-Point contribution of HD video, live streaming from or within sports venues or distribution of mission-critical military imagery - demand for high quality real-time video anywhere, anytime is growing. The exponential increase of video services translates to rising expenses for purchasing more satellite, cellular or other dedicated network bandwidth. MGW Ace Encoder’s cutting edge HEVC compression and streaming capabilities allows broadcasters, A/V teams, corporate IT as well as military forces and government agencies to reduce Operating Expenses (OPEX) for video streaming projects while managing demand for more video services and requests for higher quality video on existing bandwidth capability. The Most Complete HEVC Offering for IPTV and Situational Awareness Video-- MGW Ace Encoder can be used as stand-alone or integrated seamlessly into a Turn-Key HEVC solution. VITEC’s comprehensive HEVC product offering includes encoders and streaming appliances, IPTV decoding appliances, video portal for distribution, archiving and playback, desktop and mobile video players in addition to PCI cards with SDK for integration projects. Take advantage of the revolutionary compression technology for deploying bandwidth-efficient video solutions that dramatically reduce bandwidth costs, extend high quality video reach to disadvantaged users and allow more content to be streamed on existing network capacity.

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