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Zoom Digital  - ZHOLED651U
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65" Flexible OLED video wall display

Model: ZHOLED651U

Part #: OLED651U

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Introducing the first Flexible OLED video wall display


One limitation of thin bezel LCD video walls is its rigidity. Sure we can add angles between displays to give a curve feeling, but the new flexible OLED displays are a game-changer. What was once considered impossible, we can now create video walls with sleek curves and waves. With a resolution of 1920x1080 per 55" panel and UHD per 65" panel, you can achieve massively high resolution on your OLED video wall, at a fraction of the cost of implementing LEDs (whose resolution would be much lower). Capable of curving in both concave and convex, and function in both portrait and landscape orientation, more creative video wall configuration and designs are now possible!


All OLED video wall projects are custom, due to the nature of the technology. Depending on the amount of curvature required. Please contact us to discuss your project design.

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